"Criminal Records in Victoria: - Proposals for Reform"   Click here to download [ 569 Kb ]

Recovery of Wages - A guide to assist employees and contractors to recover outstanding entitlements and payment for what is owed. Letter of Demand examples (download)  

Misleading Job and Business Opportunity Ads Manual -   Download sheet 

Workplace Violence and Bullying - Please read our infosheet below. You may also wish to contact Worksafe on 1800 136 089 or visit their website at for more information.


Casual Employment  -  Download
Constructive Dismissal  -  Download
Employment Contracts  -  Download
Employment Contracts: Changes to existing contracts  -  Download
Getting Paid and Payslips  -  Download
General Protections Dispute - Non-Termination Claim - Download - New
General Protections Dispute - Termination Claim  -  Download
Hazards of Door to Door Selling  -  Download
Independent Contracting Traps  -  Download
Maternity Leave and Redundancy - Download - New
Medical Divulgence – During Employment - Download - New
Medical Divulgence – Pre-Employment - Download - New
Misleading Employment Advertising  -  Download
Modelling and Acting  -  Download
Notice of Termination  -  Download
Parental Leave - Download - New
Private Training Courses  -  Download
Redundancy and Retrenchment  -  Download
Sexual Harassment - Download - New
Social Media - Download - New
Superannuation  -  Download
Unpaid Trial Work  -  Download
Unfair Dismissal  -  Download
Unfair Dismissal Conciliation Self-Representation Kit  -  Download
Unlawful Wage Deductions  -  Download
Warnings  -  Download
Working Overseas  -  Download
Workplace Bullying in Victoria  -  Download
NEWSLETTERS - see Newsletters - Jobwatching

DISCUSSION PAPERS - see Current Issues 
New - The Office of the Fair Work Ombudsman has produced a guide called the 'Employee's guide to resolving workplace issues.' The resource offers step-by-step guidance to help employees and employers work together to resolve issues within their workplace. - Download

If the above publications do not download,  please send an email to  


The Victoria Law Foundation's Everyday-Law website provides information and referrals on a range of common legal issues, including employment. Click on this link to be directed to the Everyday-Law website.